Voice Drive is the prototype of an intelligent, AI based automated, utility consumption data accepting system within the frameworks of a research program financed by the EU. The system is an innovative solution which makes it possible for the reading of the position of the consumption indicator to be completely automated on the side of the service provider.



Nextent developed a voice activation telecommunication system. The voice recognition module receives and processes the data provided by the customer, then it checks the correctness of the data and records them. The technology is economic with human resource, and allows fast and precise operation. Another one of its advantages is the capability to receive and record consumption indicator data simultaneously and in limitless number. The development includes voice recognition and number interpreter modules which is perfected by the newest AI based technologies such as mechanical learning algorithms and their developed versions. The company developed the system in a way that it can be integrated in the complex IT system of the user, so that the results achieved during the project may become the organic parts of the business processes.

Thanks to the flexible application of the system, the technology may be applied in several other fields as well. Any service provider which requires continuous information from the data of its customers may use the automated voice recognition and data recording technology. The developed technology may be used as part of larger automated systems, and it can be easily adapted to other languages as well.

The company would also like to be present with the solution on the international market as well, which is made possible by the non-dependence of languages of the applied technologies and methods.


For more detailed information please contact our colleague:

Mihály Eisenberger, Product Manager 
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The development-research project is realized in the innovation center of the company found in Miskolc, the GOP-1.3.1-11/B-2011-0024 ID number investment is funded with 90.720.000 HUF by the EU within the frameworks of the New Széchenyi Plan.

Nextent Informatika Zrt. as a member of the North-Hungarian Informatics  Group, realized the project with the support of the group, the activities of which can be fond at http://www.infoklaszter.hu.